What we do

The Polish Library in Washington (Biblioteka Polska w Waszyngtonie) is a small community library established and operated by volunteers. Our collection includes over 7,000 books by Polish authors or about Poland (in Polish and English), and over 300 DVDs with Polish movies. A small annual membership fee is required to borrow books and/or movies from the library. The fee allows us to purchase new books and movies, subscribe to newspapers, and cover other costs.

In addition to library services, we offer to our members film screenings, book discussions, lectures and concerts.

Everyone is welcome to become a member. Annual dues are $20 for individuals, $30 for families, $10 for students. Only members can borrow books and videos. Members receive the library's bi-monthly Newsletter listing cultural and social events of interest to the Polish community. We welcome all volunteers who want to help with library work.

Established in 1991, The Friends of the Polish Library is also one of the most active Polish-American groups in Metropolitan Washington, organizing and sponsoring many cultural and social events.

Board of Directors:

Krzysztof Sąsiadek - President
Aneta Radzikowski - Treasurer

Cecile Ferro
Aleksandra Konarzewska-Ravi
Maria Koziebrodzka
Jerzy Kozłowski
Monika Mieroszewska
Zbigniew Okręglak

Pamela Polec
Anna Firsowicz
Jacek Radzikowski
Katarzyna Tarczyńska

Newsletter Editor - Iza Rutkowska